Ballet / Pointe’

Ballet is the foundation for all dance subjects
. Ballet develops coordination, grace, muscle toning, poise, good posture, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Students learn proper body placement, alignment and technique.

Each class begins with a Ballet Barre, moves to a center floor adage (slow controlled movement), followed by a petite allegro and grand allegro (fast movement small and large), finishing with a formal reverence (bow).

Each student will learn terminology in French, correct body alignment, how to improve their natural turn-out and a love for a beautiful and graceful art form.

Pointe’ class is designed for the Inter or Advanced student who has had enough ballet training to be able to add a pointe’ class to their Ballet schedule. You are required to attend at least one (1) Ballet class per week to learn to dance in Pointe’ shoes, and you must be approved for our pointe’ class by Mr. Andrew Needhammer. More is encouraged.