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haley-youngHalee Young Ballash /Owner of ‘The Center for the Performing Arts’ ★★★★★ ”

Having taught at The Dance Studio for five years back in the day (before moving out of state), I can truly attest to the quality of training and the wonderful experience you will have there. The staff is all about teaching technique and life skills turning out great dancers and great people. The dancers are sweet, considerate, and become the best of friends. I highly recommend The Dance Studio to anyone who loves to dance or who wants to learn to love to dance!

Isabelle ~ “After moving to Prescott I was immediately welcomed into The Dance Studio by all of the amazing people there that share the same passion for dance as I do. I am constantly learning new things and can’t think of a better place to spend my time.”

Katie Johnson ~ The dance studio has provided a positive environment in which my daughter had progressed tremendously with her dancing. The attention to technique and wonderful teachers and director have fostered a love of dance that I am sure will be lifelong.”

Kimberly Faires Waples reviewed The Dance Studio ~ ★★★★★ “My daughter has been dancing at The Dance Studio for 3 years now. The teachers not only made her fall in love with dance… but they also encourage, inspire and push for excellence. I have been a part of the Dance/gymnastics world for over 35 years. This program is wonderful!

“Donna Casey has a heart of gold. Her heart’s desire is clear, that all the children of this community would be able to reap the benefits that dance has to offer; the same benefits that I have experienced over the twelve years that I have been a part of The Dance Studio. You see, dancing with Donna means more than just exercise, more than just a series of steps, The Dance Studio is in the business of creating well-rounded individuals. Donna strives to maintain a studio that builds “healthy bodies, strong minds, and positive personalities.” More than just a mission statement of The Dance Studio, that statement sums up the very mindset and mission of Donna herself. When I began my journey at The Dance Studio, I was the shy girl who lacked self-confidence. Dancing with Donna gave me the courage to shine. During the awkward teenage years, being a dancer gave me a special identity, a new self-esteem. Donna also taught me about respect, good work ethic, and the importance of teamwork. I will be forever grateful to Donna, and I will always consider The Dance Studio my second home, the environment that helped shape me into the person I am today.
~Lauren Shephard~

“I am a proud parent Carlee (16) who has been attending classes at The Dance Studio in Prescott, Arizona for over 8 yrs now. We are also fortunate enough to have Carlee as a member of their award winning RhythMotion Performing Company. TDS is located inside the Prescott Athletic & Tennis Club and is a pristine and conducive place to dancing. They also have a seperate area for eating and to do homework. The classes offered are stellar. They offer a wide variety of genre of dance, from beginners to advanced. We came from a Performing Arts Academy in California, where everything was WIN WIN WIN!! We came to The Dance Studio and Donna Casey (the owner) welcomed us with open arms. She and her staff have embraced our family as their ‘family’. I have found that it’s not always just about winning, but it’s also about providing the vehicle and the opportunity to allow young girls to grow as ‘complete’, well rounded individuals through DANCE!
Thank you Donna! We love you!”
~Tina V~


“My 12 year-old daughter Sadie danced at the Dance Studio since she was 5 years old.She has sense gone on to become a part of a Professinal Dance Company in CA entitled “Muse Effect” under the direction of Jessica Starr. Sadie had received so much from the experience, wonderful friends, great instruction and amazing skill as a dancer. Donna Casey has been, and continues to be, an important mentor in Sadie’s life. Everyone there has really become a part of our extended family. We are truly blessed to have this level of dance instruction available in Prescott!”
~Keren Clark~


“My daughter Annie danced at TDS for  12 year’s  and  was involved in the Performing Company “RhythMotion” for  10 year’s  with Donna Casey.  We were welcomed from the very beginning and made to feel as though we had always been part of The Dance Studio family. Not only did Annie received an incredible dance education and experience but it has carried over to other aspects of her life. Donna teaches these kids to have self confidence and respect for themselves and others. The entire staff worked very hard to make sure every child is all that they can be. Annie and I have been blessed to have Donna and the studio in our lives.
~Peggy Dyer~


“The Dance Studio is a safe, comfortable environment that I have always been able to call home. I can go and dance there for hours and I know that I am always welcome. Donna invites anyone who is willing to come and take a dance class and see what dance is all about. The Dance Studio facility is big and beautiful enough room for everyone. Ever since I have moved to Idaho for college, I have told Donna that I love coming back to the studio to let everything go and dance my heart out because I don’t have anything like it in Idaho. I appreciate the fact that she welcomes me in and lets me do so.
~Wendy Seastrand~